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Glenwood, Co. is home to the world's largest improved hot springs pool, this town revolves around water. You can swim, soak in one of the pools or ride a water slide at hot spring spas. You can even steam yourself in the adjacent Yampah Vapor Caves.

Actually, the caves were prized by Ute Indians long before. Yampah is Ute for “big medicine.” It is said that when the first explorers encountered the springs in the 1860s, the Utes showed them how to use the water's healing powers to help an injured member of their party. The springs, claimed by settlers and developed as a tourist destination, became a hot spot for visitors in the 1880s.

The Colorado River makes its way out of spectacular Glenwood Canyon and roars right through town. It's popular for rafting, but walking or biking alongside it is also a treat. If you're into challenges, seek out the steep but worth-it hike up the Hanging Lake trail. At the top, you'll see how the lake got its name.

Also visit the Glenwood Caverns and Fairy Cave, with a wide array of wonderful cave formations - from cave bacon and popcorn to the better-known stalactites and stalagmites. Die-hard adventurers can sign up for one of their spelunking tours for a subterranean experience.

Another unique attraction near Glenwood Springs is the interstate itself. Just east of the town the road becomes a vertical stack, hugging the side of the treacherous canyon walls as it winds its way upward. Much effort was made to minimize environmental impact on the beautiful canyon, and the result is an intriguing engineering marvel.

Map: Glenwood Springs

Region: Northwest Regional Information

County: Garfield

Proximity to other towns: Located 146 miles from Boulder, 12.5 miles from Carbondale, 14.3 miles from New Castle, 22.2 miles from Silt, 23.2 miles from Basalt

Population: 8,765

Elevation: 5763 feet

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