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Crested Butte, Co. is located in the East River Valley and was once used as a summer residence by Ute Native Americans. However, they were quickly displaced when white explorers first entered the area. The first Caucasians to explore the valley were beaver trappers, followed by surveyors. Captain John Gunnison, after whom Gunnison County is named was one of the early explorers to enter the area. In the 1860s and 1870s coal and silver mines began to open in the surrounding area and many little mining towns formed. However, when silver mining hit on hard times, many of these towns failed. Crested Butte was in a better position to survive because it served as a supply town to the surrounding area.

The other industry that supported Crested Butte was ranching. When the coal mines closed, the town began to shrink, and eventually the local high school was closed. Students had to travel to Gunnison to go to high school. The town did not revive until a ski area was built on Crested Butte Mountain in the 1960s.

The former coal mining town is now called "the last great Colorado ski town", Crested Butte is a destination for skiing, mountain biking, and a variety of other outdoor activities.

The Colorado General Assembly has designated Crested Butte the wildflower capital of Colorado.

Map: Crested Butte

Region: Southwest Regional Information

County: Gunnison

Proximity to other towns: Located 228 miles from Colorado Springs, 19.9 miles from Marble, 22.7 miles from Gunnison, 24 miles from Snowmass Village, 24.9 miles from Aspen

Population: 1,554

Elevation: 8908 feet

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