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Your Own Online Community Directory

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Your Own Online Community Directory is the perfect business opportunity for schools, churches, clubs, business organizations, newspapers, towns, even individuals that want to own a business...WE PROVIDE EVERYTHING YOU'LL NEED INCLUDING PROGRAMMING AND HOSTING FOR JUST $99 A MONTH AND THERE IS NO LONG TERM CONTRACT! The internet is the fastest growing medium in the world and YOU COULD BE EARNING INCOME RIGHT NOW! YOU KEEP 100% OF THE REVENUE YOU GENERATE!

Email Us or call us at 970-532-3008 if you would like to learn more about this TERRIFIC OPPORTUNITY!

Income Producing Opportunities:

BANNER ADS can be placed on every page and are a great way to get a business noticed!

DIRECTORY LISTINGS...Include local businesses in your "Directory" section... include their logo, company name, contact information, business description, location info, link to their website and more...activity to every page can be tracked. There is no limit to the number of businesses you can include. can assign every entity a KEYWORD (unique to them) which is read by most of the MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES...this is an extremely valuable service for any business with a web site.

SEARCH WORDS...If people do not know the businesses name they will type in a relative SEARCH WORD like restaurants, real estate, shopping, autos etc. You can assign each client 20-30 Search Words (up to 300 characters) and WE GUARANTEE THAT THEY WILL SHOW UP IN ALL OF YOUR SEARCHES.

WEBSITES/FULL PAGE BUSINESS PROFILES...Many businesses do not have a website or a web presence at you can provide them with one and there is no limit to the number of websites/business profiles you can sell and earn income from in your site.

COUPONS, CLASSIFIEDS, SALES FLYERS, NEWSLETTERS and more are available in unlimited quantities...right in your own community...right now.

Here are some FACTS...

We already carry HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PAGES of helpful community related information online for over 300 towns and regions in the state of Colorado and have for years...WE USE IT EVERY DAY AND KNOW HOW IT WORKS AND THAT IT DOES WORK! We receive MILLIONS OF HITS and have for years.

You’ll have total control of your state-of-the-art cold fusion programming via our easy to use exclusive admin section. No special training is needed if you can type you can operate this site.


Below is a brief overview of available sections of YOUR ONLINE COMMUNITY DIRECTORY...

Your Directory section contains Business & Community Listings, Links and Profiles arranged "Alphabetically", by "Category", and by "Groupings" (Planning Your Wedding, Home Improvement, Medical, Having a baby etc). Paid listings, links and profiles show up first and can be assigned additional search words. This gives paid advertisers a distinct advantage.

Your Enews Section is a Community Bulletin Board that contains Announcements. You can also post what's happening at area venues, press releases, newsletters, menus and sales flyers here.

Your Interactive Calendar of Events contains times, locations and other area event information that can be submitted directly via the site by clicking "add event". Once submitted it is emailed to you for approval with a click of the mouse. Reoccurring events such as weekly and monthly meetings can be posted once.

Your Classifieds Section contains Help Wanted, Homes, Autos and Miscellaneous Items for sale.

Your Coupons Section contains valuable discounts and sales offers.

Your Dining Section contains helpful information from area restaurants like their menus and daily specials...assign them their own user name and password so they can easily keep their information updated themselves.

Here are some reasons you should seriously consider this TERRIFIC OPPORTUNITY...

It’s up front investment required and there are NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS

100% of the income from your site is yours to keep.

You will be providing your community with an interactive state-of-the-art online communication tool.

You control what goes on your site.

Pages of YOUR ONLINE COMMUNITY DIRECTORY are read by most major search engines and you will be helping your advertisers get found on the internet.

Your site is completely SEARCHABLE locally , regionally and statewide.

Every page on your site can be TRACKED.

Your data base can be exported with a simple click of the mouse into excel.

You control the entire site with a user name and password and no special training is needed...if you can type you can operate this site.

We provide training, set-up & on going tech support.

Email Us or give us a call at 970-532-3008 if you would like to learn more about this terrific OPPORTUNITY!