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Black Hawk, Co., "The City of Mills," is one of Colorado's oldest cities. It is one of a number of towns that grew up in "Gregory's Gulch," the narrow ravine where Georgia prospector John H. Gregory first discovered lode gold in the western part of Kansas Territory in 1859.

Within months, thousands of would-be miners poured into the gulch, hoping for more big strikes like Gregory's. A few found bonanzas, many found paying claims, but the great majority either moved elsewhere to try their luck or, proclaiming the whole "Pike's Peak Gold Rush" a hoax, went back to their settled lives in the States.

Mountain City was the first name given to the ragged string of camp- like settlements, but as the boom subsided and the hard work of extracting the gold began, the remaining population began to coalesce into more organized town sites. Up the gulch to the west was Nevada, also known as Nevadaville or Bald Mountain. Below it lay Central City, and further down, where the gulch flowed into the North Branch of Clear Creek, was established Black Hawk Pointe. Most accounts insist the name came from an early "stamp" mill brought in from Illinois and named for the famous Indian chief.

Today the town of Black Hawk is famous for it's gaming casinos.

Map: Black Hawk

Region: Northern Front Range Regional Information

County: Gilpin

Proximity to other towns: Located 21.9 miles from Boulder, 1.7 miles from Central City, 11 miles from Nederland, 13.4 miles from Empire and approx. 40 miles from Denver

Population: 107

Elevation: 8056 feet

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