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Silver Plume, Co. became a small mining town in about 1870 because of The Pelican mine. A neighboring mine, the Dive, was so close the owners of the mines fought daily about each other encroaching on "their" vein underground. Silver Plume had its own newspaper, the Coloradoan, and it was reported the town was menaced by fire on numerous occasions.

Town Known For: Typically seen as a package with its eastern neighbor Georgetown, Sliver Plume, a former mining town, represents the other end of the three-mile, engineering masterpiece, known as the Georgetown Loop Railroad. Visitors can start the rail ride from either location several times daily.

In Silver Plume you’ll find the restored 1884 Silver Plume Depot, which offers a free slide show and exhibits on the history of the railroad, as well as steam engines and cars on view in the adjacent rail yard. During the hour-long train ride there's an opportunity to stop and tour the 1870’s Lebanon Mine. You'll explore the old silver mine with a guide who will explain the rich history of the area and mining techniques once used there. Watch for big horn sheep along the way.

Don't be intimidated by the steep mountains encircling Silver Plume; hiking, camping, and fishing are all accessible in the Arapahoe and Roosevelt National Forests that surround town. Visit the Clear Creek Ranger station (exit 240 at Idaho Springs) for area maps.

Farther west, Loveland Ski Area straddles the Continental Divide at the Eisenhower Tunnel, offering beginner to expert terrain as well as a local, down-to-earth crowd

Map: Silver Plume

Region: Northern Front Range Regional Information

County: Clear Creek

Proximity to other towns: Located 39.1 miles from Boulder, 2.4 miles from Georgetown, 5.3 miles from Empire, 14.9 miles from Winter Park, 14.9 miles from Idaho Springs

Population: 203

Elevation: 9,100 feet

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