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Orchard City, Co. is among a network of tiny fruit-bearing towns in Delta County that when connected make an enchanting driving tour. Farms around Orchard City and neighboring Cedaredge are famous for producing mouth-watering apples. Harvest times culminate each fall when residents of these hard-working communities and visitors come together to celebrate at the annual AppleFest in Cedaredge.

The stretch of road near Orchard City is so spectacular that it's now part of Colorado's Grand Mesa Byway. The byway tops out at 10,000 feet on the world's largest flattop mountain and features shimmering lakes, mountain vistas, orchards and vineyards and wild rock formations. Wildlife is abundant, as are trailheads into the Grand Mesa National Forest. The rolling trails are ideal for summer hiking and winter cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

Map: Orchard City

Region: Southwest Regional Information

County: Delta

Proximity to other towns: Located 204.4 miles from Boulder, 6.7 miles from Cedaredge, 7.9 miles from Delta, 14.5 miles from Olathe, 17.9 miles from Hotchkiss, 24.7 miles from Montrose, 26.3 miles from Crawford

Population: 3,133

Elevation: 5040 feet

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