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Maybell, Co., situated in the northwestern corner of Colorado, watches the placid waters of the Yampa River flow by, 60 miles downstream from the town of Craig. This is rugged Colorado land, covered with hearty sage, cedar, juniper and ponderosa pines. Canyons carve through the landscape and you are just as likely to see elk and eagles as you are another human. The area's remoteness attracts residents and visitors alike, from the Wild Bunch outlaws in the 1860s to present-day birdwatchers and others just looking for a little solitude.

About the same distance to the west lies Brown's Park National Wildlife Refuge, 13,500 acres of protected wetlands. Two hundred species of birds live here, including bald and golden eagles, as well as peregrine falcons. The park welcomes horseback riders, birdwatchers, sightseers and hikers year round. In areas like Maybell you'll find rugged beauty in one of nature's finest playgrounds. There isn't a great deal of amenities outside of Maybell, but there's plenty of room for adventure.

Map: Maybell

Region: Northwest Regional Information

County: Moffat

Proximity to other towns: Located 240 miles from Boulder, 30.6 miles from Craig, 56.7 miles from Dinosaur, 62.5 miles from Rangely

Population: 370

Elevation: 5922 feet

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