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Riders Of The Open Range
Estes Park, CO
Phone: 970-577-0398
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Based in Estes Park, Colorado, Riders of the Open Range is a Western Music group that celebrates longstanding Western traditions by performing timeless Western Classics, as well as Contemporary Western titles, including their own compositions, plus some Cowboy Poetry to boot. Reminiscent of the Chuck Wagon Dinners that have entertained audiences throughout the west for many, many years, Rider’s shows strive to provide good old-fashioned family fun.

Band members include Vic Anderson, guitarist, renowned yodeling champ and world-class whistler; Scott Wilseck, the “Perfessur” on keyboards; and Gary Miller, vocalist and poet.

Raised a Montana Cowboy, Vic Anderson has been playing to audiences since he was 12. His musical background allows him to express a blend of unique guitar style with a velvety vocal tone he presents in both leads and harmonies. Vic is also a WMA International Yodeling Champion, and listed among the top 10 whistlers in the world. His amazing talents are highlighted throughout each Rider’s stage show. In addition, Vic wrote or co-wrote many of the contemporary western songs performed by the group.

As the “Perfessur” in the group, Scott Wilseck adds a “can’t-keep-from-dancin’” honky-tonk piano sound, as well as a wide range of keyboard expertise. A native Chicagoan, Scott has displayed his broad spectrum of musical talents in and around the Chicago area for many years. In addition to Riders, he also lends his ivory-tickling wizardry to a variety of musical groups in Estes Park. So, whether you prefer Western classics, Dixieland, Boogie-woogie or a Waltz, Scott can make it happen.

Born in Misery (Missouri to most folks) Gary Miller’s creativity evolved 10 years ago when he moved to Estes Park (probly the lack of oxygen at altitude). With his deep baritone/bass voice, Gary provides vocal contrast in the band, as well as singing lead. A published writer and poet, Gary also adds lyrical flavor with his poetry, which he’s performed at the annual YMCA of the Rockies’ Cowboy Music and Poetry Gatherings. He and Vic have collaborated on several of the group’s original compositions.

Riders of the Open Range enjoys each musical performance and takes pride in their efforts to ensure their audiences do the same. The group wants everyone to be entertained and, most importantly, to HAVE FUN.

If you ain’t happy, we ain’t happy—and we haven’t frowned yet!