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Silt West Care Ambulance
231 N 7TH Street
Silt, CO
Phone: 970.876.0510
Fax: 970.876.5130
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Silt West Care Ambulance

Director: Susan Taylor

231 N 7TH Street

Silt, CO 81652

PHONE 970.876.0510

FAX 970.876.5130

Non-Emergency Dispatch: 970.625.8095


Silt West Care Ambulance provides two imperative community services:

Volunteer 911 Emergency Call Response

Hospital-Directed Transport

Our 911 calls cover the Town of Silt, an area of approximately 300 square miles, including eight miles of I-70, with the remaining area consisting of numerous city streets and rural county roads. Our purpose is to provide basic and advanced life support tools, technology and training to stabilize, treat and safely transport the seriously ill and injured.

We currently have five licensed ambulances, three of which are equipped for advanced life support. We average one to two 911 calls per day and two to three transport calls per day. Our office is located at 231 N 7th Street in Silt. Two of our ambulances are kept at the Silt Firehouse on Main Street.