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Vail Valley Medical Center
181 West Meadow Dr, Ste. 100, P.O. Box 40,000
Vail, CO
Phone: (970) 476-2451
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Vail Valley Medical Center Health System Our hospital is a private not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing quality health care for 50,000 residents in 6 counties. Since it founding in 1962, this hospital has grown with local energy and determination. The original facility provided accommodations for 4 patients, and a few ancillary services. In 1978 a long awaited dream was realized with the construction of a new section of the hospital, but it came with a price – a bad snow winter put the hospital close to default with their bonds. Today, the hospital provides comprehensive medical care with over 190 physicians, 58 acute beds, and professional and support staff of over 700. Sponsored by patient revenue and philanthropy, this hospital is one of the most important assets of this community. It continues, as it was established, with a tradition of excellence and a rich heritage of care and concern.

Since opening its doors, the primary mission of the hospital has been to provide the highest quality of health care programs and services. The umbrella of its programs and services extends beyond the traditional concept of hospitalization for the sick and injured. The community now looks to the hospital to provide educational programs that enable the healthy to remain well. This role of promoting wellness is a new emphasis with new challenges. On average, one in four individuals in our service area will require medical services during the next year. Virtually every family in the area is affected by the quality of care available at the hospital or by the economic impact of its operation. This hospital responded well to past challenges, and plans grow from a desire to meet future needs.