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Douglas County Fire Protection District

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Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department
Address: 300 Perry Street-Castle Rock, CO
Phone: (303) 660-1066
Fire Chief Arturo (Art) Morales

Parker Fire Protection District
Address: 10795 S. Pine Drive-Parker, CO
Phone: (720) 274-3700
Fire Chief - Dan Qualman

Franktown Fire Protection District
Address: 1959 N. Highway 83-Franktown, CO
Phone: (303) 688-3811
Fire Chief - Lee Willis

South Metro Fire and Rescue
(includes Louviers Fire Protection District)
Address: 9195 E Mineral Avenue-Littleton, CO
Phone: (720) 488-7200
Chief Bob M. Rinne
Public Information Officer - Andy Lyon

Jackson 105 Fire Protection District
Address: 435 N. Perry Park Road-Sedalia, CO
Phone: (303) 688-1218
Fire Chief Randy Rafferty

Trumbull Volunteer Fire Department
Address: 7883 Highway 67-Sedalia, CO
Phone: (303) 647-2211
Fire Chief - Davide Fergusone

Larkspur Fire Protection District
Address: 9414 S. Spruce Mountain Road- Larkspur, CO
Phone: (303) 681-3284
Fire Chief - Jamey Bumgarner

West Douglas County Fire Protection District
Address: 4037 N. Platte Avenue-Sedalia, CO
Phone: (303) 688-6055
Fire Chief Terry Thompson

Littleton Fire Department
Address: 2255 W. Berry Avenue- Littleton, CO
Phone: (303) 794-1555 - dispatch
(303) 795-3800 - business
Fire Chief - Bill Pessemier

West Metro Fire Protection District
Address: Lakewood, CO
Phone: (303) 989-4307
Fire Chief - Bob Brown