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Greeley Dream Team, Inc.
1025 9th Avenue Suite 313
Greeley, CO
Phone: 970-348-6380
Fax: 970-348-6330
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The Greeley Dream Team is a non-profit organization that has been in existance since 1987. We provide a variety of services in District 6 schools including an Educational Talent Search program, the McKinney Transition Project, & the Leadership/Mentor Program.

  • Educational Talent Search
    The largest program sponsored by the Greeley Dream Team is the Educational Talent Search (ETS)program funded by the Department of Education. ETS creates educational opportunities for low-income, first-generation college students while providing access to higher education & assisting in the transition to college. Additionally, we encourage persons who have not completed their education to reenter a program at the secondary or post-secondary level.

  • McKinney Transition Project
    Our McKinney Transition Project is a program that provides enrollment services & creates training awareness & educational support for students whose families are in transition. There are no grade or age requirements for this project.

  • Leadership/Mentor Program
    Funding from the State of Colorado & the Greeley Youth Initiative has allowed us to implement a Leadership/Mentor Program between Trademark Learning Center, an alternative high school, and elementary school students. This class promotes leadership experiences through tutoring and mentoring. The class focuses on the following skills:
  • Personal & Social Responsibilities
  • Explore & Discover Leadership Potential
  • Promote Teambuilding
  • Positive Behaviors & Responsible Choices