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Pioneer School
2745 Minnesota Avenue (Rigden Farms)
Fort Collins, CO
Phone: 970-206-0714
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" KEYWORD Pioneer School "

  • Charter School-grades 7-10
  • Principal: Nancy M. DuTeau, Ph.D.
  • Executive-Director: Joe Cuddemi
  • Co-Director: Elliot Cisneros
  • Co-Director: Celeste Di Iorio
  • Office Manager: Linda Nobles
  • Administrative Assistant: Holly Hoag
  • Adventure Facilitator: Cree Bols

  • PIONEER is about kids. We believe our youth should be cared for, listened to, and respected. Together-as parents, students, faculty, and staff-we strive to create the ideal learning environment for adolescents: one that is supportive of adolescent development, uses and experiential curriculum, teaches critical life skills, and connects kids with family and community. We seek a real world experience for our youth-diverse, inclusive, and heterogeneous. The gifts of all students are valued. We hope to feed our students' passions and provide a safe environment to be who they are