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SI Pipes

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SI Pipes - Scientific Inhalations was formed in 2009 with the desire to develop and manufacture a cleaner, healthier way to smoke.

We had finally developed a concept model using Carbon and Cotton in a process that we believed worked! So we created the glass version of the “McFinn’s Original Triple Filtered Water Pipe” using these mediums to filter out the pesticides and carcinogens in the smoke. Now, we needed something to “hold” the carbon and cotton, allowing ease of access, and the ability to change the carbon and cotton. After many prototypes, we finally produced what we refer to today as, a “Filter Tube”.

The filter tubes are all glass on glass, blown by hand and contain a uniquely designed dome inside, and come into two different lengths. These Filter Tubes are used with the McFinn’s Original Triple Filtered Water Pipe.

Now we had to focus on the carbon and cotton. After researching, we confirmed that over the counter carbon (like you buy at your local pet store) and over the counter cotton (like you buy at your favorite store) contain cancer causing chemicals and should NEVER be used. So, the research continued until we found companies who produce 100% Certified Virgin Coconut Carbon and 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

So, now we had a working device, using 100% Virgin Coconut Carbon, and 100% Organic Cotton. But, there was no evidence supporting that we had built the Industry’s First, Premium Filtration Device. So we started researching state of the art testing laboratories, conducting interviews, and performed on site visits, until we choose The Werc Shop located in Pasadena, CA. The Werc Shop divided the testing into two phases. Phase One 100% Virgin Coconut Carbon Filtration. Phase Two, 100% Organic Cotton Filtration. The test results published were what we had expected (and better!). Our new device reduces or eliminated up to 75% (and in some cases 100%) of pesticides and carcinogens.

Please visit our website for more information. Use code MJ10 for a 10% Discount on your purchase.