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Sunrise Ranch
Loveland, CO
Phone: 970-670-4200
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Sunrise Ranch is a Spiritual Center cradled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. By day the wide-open blue of the Colorado sky stretches overhead; and by night, there is an endless canopy of brilliant stars. Since 1945, Sunrise has stewarded the land and water as a sustainable ranch and farm. This natural setting—a valley surrounded by red sandstone and pine-covered hills—has been a place of tranquility, reflection and learning. Throughout Sunrise’s history, individuals and groups have come here to move to a different rhythm, to see their lives and their work with new eyes, and to bring fresh energy to their world. Sunrise Ranch is known as a place for learning, reflection, and transformation. The programs held here include time for deep stillness and relaxation, and inspired, leading-edge thought and experience. Everything about Sunrise supports this work—the natural setting, wholesome food, and most of all, the resident staff. Sunrise Ranch is also a community of people who are personally dedicated to transformation and service. We delight in creating an atmosphere in which conference leaders and presenters have the opportunity to do their best work. And we provide a conscious surround for renewal in body, mind and spirit