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Spotlight Band, The
Denver, CO
Phone: 303.282.6460
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The Spotlight Dance Variety Band has over 800 songs and we will add your favorites to that list! Listen to samples online and read what customers have to say about this band. Perfect for weddings or any event where you want a variety of music.

The Spotlight Band welcomes your requests - whatever they may be! Want some Widespread Panic? Outkast? Bluegrass? Etta James? How about a Swedish love song? Mexican Polka? or Reggae? They really will play whatever you want, just for you!

This dynamic, versatile 6-piece group will get everybody on the dance floor. From rock and blues to motown and golden oldies to swing, salsa and country, the Spotlight Band offers something for everyone. You'll have grandma, little sis and all your guests on the dance floor with this energetic, entertaining group.