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Loveland Green Card Merchant Info
PO Box 7941
Loveland, CO
Phone: 970-532-3008
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We are distributing 10,000 LOVELAND GREEN CARDS through Churches in Loveland this Spring. Our Limited Merchant Participation Program Is Designed To...

  • Reward the card holder, raise funds for the church and drive business to a limited number of participating merchants every time it is used

  • Encourage Local Spending And Influence Where Card Holders Dine & Shop

  • Lower Your Advertising Costs & Eliminate Coupon Distribution Costs Entirely

  • Increase the Frequency of Existing Customer Visits with a Rewards Program You Control...REWARDS COST YOU LESS THAN DISCOUNTS!

  • Build and Develop Your Own Customer Database...Everything Is Tracked...Real Time Reports are Available 24/7 For You...The Card Holder...and the Non-Profit

    Best Of All You Only Pay For Customers We Bring In AFTER They Have Paid You!

    Plus You Will Receive Unbelievable Advertising Benefits...

    • Your offers locally on
      (40,000+ hits/month...serving Loveland since 1999)

    • Your offers statewide on
      (750,000+ hits/month...serving Colorado since 2003)

    • Your Name and Offer on 10,000 Sleeves (fee may apply)

    • Your LOGO ON POSTERS In Participating Churches (fee may apply)

    The LOVELAND GREEN CARD...Pay For Performance Marketing!

    Build Your Business...Reward Your Customers...Raise Funds For Your Community!