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Loveland Green Card Non-Profit Info
PO Box 7941
Loveland, CO
Phone: 970-532-3008
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The LOVELAND GREEN CARD Community Coalition Fundraising Program is a natural fit for schools, churches, service clubs and other non-profit organizations seeking to raise money on a perpetual basis...WITH NO UPFRONT COSTS! Just distribute cards for free and watch your donations grow throughout the year.

The program works when we set up a community of participating merchants offering cash back rewards to members/card holders toward future purchases and donating a percentage of the sale back to your organization.

Step 1: Installation...
We setup a group of participating merchants and define cash back rewards and donation percentages back to your organization. We provide you with cards for distribution to your members/card holders. Just distribute cards for free and watch your donations grow throughout the year.

Step 2: Dine & Shop Every time your organizations members/card holders patronize a participating merchant a percentage is credited back to your organization as an ongoing fundraiser.

Every transaction run through our system is electronically tracked by our server so we know how much money members/card holders spend at which businesses. The card holder, the non-profit and the merchant can access their real time reports 24/7 with a user name and password.

One card tracks rewards and activity across every single merchant inside the network so members/card holders only need to carry one LOVELAND GREEN CARD.

Step 3: Fundraising...
On a monthly basis, we prepare a reconciliation report for both the fundraising organization and each participating merchant detailing all members/card holders activity and donations payable. We then electronically bill each merchant via ACH direct debit for the donation fees accrued on your organization’s behalf.

Please contact us for further information about The LOVELAND GREEN CARD Community Coalition Fundraising Program.