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Littleton, Co. has beginnings that can be traced to the "Pikes Peak" gold rush of 1859. Along with the gold-seekers came merchants and farmers to provide the necessities of life. As the fledgling metropolis of Denver City began to grow, the need arose to construct a series of ditches to carry water to farms and businesses without ready access to rivers and creeks in this arid land.

Among the engineers hired to lay out this system was young Richard Sullivan Little of New Hampshire. In 1872, the Littles filed a plat to subdivide much of their property into the village of Littleton.

When the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad reached the area in 1871, settlement began at a rapid pace. By the time of Colorado’s statehood in 1876, there were schools, churches, a hotel, stores and many of the other trappings of civilization. In 1890, the 245 residents voted to incorporate the Town of Littleton.

Map: Littleton

Region: Metro Denver Area Regional Information

County: Arapahoe

Proximity to other towns: Located 9.3 miles from Denver, 3.3 miles from Bow Mar, 3.4 miles from Sheridan, 3.5 miles from Englewood, 4.8 miles from Highlands Ranch

Population: 40,324

Elevation: 5389 feet

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