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Limon, Co., an eastern Colorado town, has roots in the railroad. In 1888, Limon got its start as a work camp for the new Chicago and Rock Island rail line, destined to run from Kansas to Colorado Springs. Limon was named after one of the railroad's original construction foreman. The centrally located city grew quickly, and today remains true to its nickname, Hub City. Five highways intersect here, and Limon lies about equidistant from Denver and Colorado Springs.

Downtown was rebuilt after a destructive tornado swept the town in 1990. Present-day Limon features landscaped streets with gift boutiques, antique shops, a city park and an urban fishing pond. A walking path also meanders from downtown to a wetlands area, a popular spot for bird watching. Favorite downtown eateries include a friendly grill that serves up hearty steaks and a hometown cafe with to-die-for smoked BBQ. With over 350 motel rooms, Limon is also a convenient place for an overnight rest stop.

Map: Limon

Region: Northeast Regional Information

County: Lincoln

Proximity to other towns: Located 80.6 miles from Colorado Springs, 62.1 miles from Kit Carson, 79.1 miles from Burlington, 86 miles from Fort Morgan

Population: 1,817

Elevation: 5365 feet

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