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Chimney Rock, Co. has vertical pillars rising from the top of a hill that are located in the San Juan National Forest. The Chimney Rocks have religious significance as well - every 18 years during the winter solstice the moon rises perfectly between the rocks.

A myriad of adventures await in the nearby San Juan National Forest, from hiking above the tree line on a 14,000-foot mountain in the Needle Range, to viewing ruins of ancient cultures at the renowned Chimney Rock Archaeological Area. Once home to hundreds of early Native Americans, the archeological finds of homes and work camps have been discovered near ancient farming areas. This collection of sites made up the cultural center of an ancient Native American civilization. Many of these sites have been reburied for their protection and preservation. Four sites - Great Kiva, Pit House, Ridge House, and Great House Pueblo - have been excavated and stabilized to provide visitors a glimpse into the past.

Map: Chimney Rock

Region: Southwest Regional Information

County: Archuleta

Proximity to other towns: Located 273 miles from Colorado Springs, 19 miles from Pagosa Springs, 21.8 miles from Bayfield, 41 miles from Durango

Population: 57

Elevation: 7867 feet

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