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Las Animas, Co. once marked an important location on the historic Santa Fe Trail. Two significant hubs — Bent's Old Fort and Boggsville — once operated just miles from the present-day town. Today, visitors can explore these carefully preserved sites. Bent's Old Fort, once a major trading and trapping center run by famed pioneers such as Kit Carson, now offers living history programs and tours of old structures. Boggsville, located on the Purgatoire River just two miles south of present day Las Animas, was a settlement founded on a branch of the Santa Fe Trail. For a decade, corresponding with the arrival of three railroad lines, it was the regional center of agriculture, government, commerce and culture. In late 1867 Kit Carson moved to Boggsville, his last home before his death in 1868 at nearby Fort Lyon.

Map: Las Animas

Region: Southeast Regional Information

County: Bent

Proximity to other towns: Located 96.8 miles from Pueblo, 120.9 miles from Colorado Springs, 19.8 miles from Cheraw, 22.9 miles from La Junta, 32.2 miles from Sugar City, 34.1 miles from Rocky Ford

Population: 2,531

Elevation: 3893 feet

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