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Moffat, Co., a rustic village, breaks the monotony of a long, straight stretch of central Colorado highway. First pinpointed as an excellent railroad town, turn-of-the-century Moffat was considered the queen city of its valley and was home to more than 2,500 residents. Passenger trains connecting the towns of Salida and Alamosa ran daily through Moffat. Reacting to changing times, the town also functioned as a shipping point, major loading center for livestock and a meeting place for hay contactors. When the railroad ceased operations here in 1954, the town's heydays came to a close.

Today Moffat exists primarily as a ranching community, but many of its original buildings such as the old hotel, mercantile, church and town hall are still intact. In addition to old buildings, a thrift store, deli and trading post are worth exploring.

Map: Moffat

Region: Colorado South Central Regional Information

County: Saguache

Proximity to other towns: Located 90.3 miles from Pueblo, 97.1 miles from Colorado Springs, 17.3 miles from Saguache, 27 miles from Mosca-Hopper, 31.6 miles from Westcliffe

Population: 122

Elevation: 7561 feet

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