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Cañon City, Co. was founded in 1859 during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush as a commercial center for miners.

In 1862, A. M. Cassaday drilled for petroleum six miles north of town, near an oil seep. He struck oil at a depth of 50 feet, and completed the first commercial oil well west of the Mississippi. He drilled five or six more wells nearby, and refined kerosene and fuel oil from the petroleum, and sold the products in Denver.

A number of ore smelters were built in Cañon City following the discovery of gold at Cripple Creek in 1891.

Today Canon City is known for it's location to the Royal Gorge Region. Plan on spending more time exploring the Royal Gorge Region. Whether on horseback, mountain bike or by foot, it is an extraordinary experience that will not be matched anywhere.

Map: Canon City

Region: Colorado South Central Regional Information

County: Fremont

Proximity to other towns: Located 45.6 miles from Colorado Springs, 39.3 miles from Pueblo, 28.3 miles from Cotopaxi

Population: 16,124

Elevation: 5332 feet

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