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Julesburg, Co. was established in 1859 as a trading post by Jules Beni. The city got its start as a Pony Express stop and, by the time the Union Pacific Railroad laid tracks through town in 1867, Julesburg was considered the wickedest city in the West. Native Americans burned the town to the ground in 1865 in retaliation for the Sand Creek Massacre. Once the town was rebuilt it became home to horse thieves, gamblers and con artists attracted by an abundance of saloons, dance halls and a steady supply of naive travelers heading west along the Overland Trail.

The Julesburg of today has little in common with its rowdy past. These days the town is a major shipping depot for the agricultural business. Visitors come for excellent tailwater fishing along the South Platte and some of the best bird watching in the state. The migrations in spring and fall are extraordinary.

Map: Julesburg

Region: Northeast Regional Information

County: Sedgwick

Proximity to other towns: Located 173.4 miles from Greeley, 8.6 miles from Ovid, 30.1 miles from Crook, 32.3 miles from Holyoke, 59.7 miles from Sterling

Population: 1,308

Elevation: 3477 feet

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