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Small-town Idalia, Co., though in the shadow of larger towns Burlington and Wray, remains attractive for travelers to the area. Located in northeast Colorado, one of the town's most popular recreation destinations is Bonny Lake State Park. This gem features year-round recreational opportunities. The 1,900-acre lake offers a place for cooling off during the warmer summer months, and the park's surrounding prairie lands are open for hunting, hiking and camping-of course, not at the same time. In addition, the extensive cattail marshes supply prime areas for birding. The river-fed reservoir also supports a healthy warm-water stock of walleye, northern pike and bass. Sandy beaches offer relaxing picnic and sunbathing areas, while the flatland reservoir's dependable winds make it a popular destination for sailors and windsurfers. In the winter the lake remains open for ice fishing.

Map: Idalia

Region: Northeast Regional Information

County: Yuma

Proximity to other towns: Located 169 miles from Greeley, 141 miles from Aurora, 29.4 miles from Wray, 30.6 miles from Burlington

Population: 380

Elevation: 3963 feet

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