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Proctor, Co. was established in 1908 and was named after General Proctor, an Indian fighter who had come to Logan County at the same time that General Crook was here. J.D. Blue, a pioneer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa arrived in the area with some friends and purchased a 5,000-acre tract of land surrounding the town site. As the Union Pacific Railroad was making its way across the west, it built a station on land it purchased from Mr. Blue. The Proctor State Bank was organized in 1909 and the president was a Mr. George A. Henderson, who later established himself in Sterling. His name appears on a building at the corner of 3rd Street and Main. The Proctor Lumber Company and Lamb and Lamb general merchandise store was started shortly after the bank. A store, complete with a post office inside was opened as well. The Great Western Sugar Company eventually maintained a huge beet dump at Proctor to aid in getting one of the area’s main crops to market. A great deal of corn, wheat and hay has always been grown in the area. Cattle ranching and feedlots continue to thrive here. Today, Proctor is what many would consider a ghost town. There are some residents in the area and remnants from the past include an old blacksmith shop and garage. It is a popular site for quail, pheasant and waterfowl hunting. Fishing in nearby Jumbo Reservoir is some of the best in this part of Colorado.

Map: Proctor

Region: Northeast Regional Information

County: Logan

Proximity to other towns: Located 116 miles from Greeley, 147 miles from Aurora, 7 miles from Iliff, 8.7 miles from Crook, 20.9 miles from Sterling


Elevation: 3778 feet

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