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Strasburg, Co. is small agricultural community on the Colorado Eastern Plains east of Denver, Colorado. Historically it was the location of the "joining of the rails", the actual last link in the coast-to-coast railroad network in the United States, completed in August 1870 with the completion at Strasburg of the Denver extension of the Kansas Pacific Railway (even after the 1869 Golden spike event in Utah that signalled the completion of the first transcontinental railroad, passengers of the Union Pacific portion of that line were required to disembark to cross the Missouri River by boat until 1872). Strasburg (previously known as Comanche Crossing) was renamed that year in honor of an official of the Kansas Pacific. The Comanche Crossing Museum commemorates the 1870 "joining of the rails".

Town Known For: Downtown Strasburg features a few shops and some casual sit-down restaurants. Two lodging facilities will host travelers for the night, including the 1915 Strasburg Inn, which continues to charm guests in its historic confines. There are several recreational facilities within a drive from town, including the Aurora Reservoir and Barr Lake State Park. Both are ideal for boating, fishing, bird watching, and camping. Aurora Reservoir even includes a scuba-diving area, where a sunken twin-engine airplane provides an underwater adventure in a unique urban setting.

Map: Strasburg

Region: Northern Front Range Regional Information

County: Adams

Proximity to other towns: Located 33.1 miles from Aurora

Population: 1,402

Elevation: 5,386 feet

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