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Victor, Co. was one Colorado town that was growing faster than the gold-seekers could slap up tents, when the search for gold reached its zenith. Today, it's a Victorian relic, caught in the web of time, changing little and liking it that way. Its 1890s architecture remains undisturbed by 21st century buildings.

Victor is high - nearly 10,000 feet above sea level - and it boasts the highest bridge in the state, the 250-foot bridge over Arequa Gulch. Remnants of old gold mines remind visitors of the town's history.

Victor also is a jumping-off point for a couple of scenic drives, including the sometimes precarious Shelf and Phantom Canyon roads, the Gold Belt Scenic Byway and the historic Gold Camp Road to Colorado Springs. You can also enjoy hiking and biking the four Historic Mining Trails, which weave past various old mining structures, part of a collection of mining relics that make up the Golden Loop.

Map: Victor

Region: Colorado South Central Regional Information

County: Teller

Proximity to other towns: Located 26.2 miles from Colorado Springs, 3.7 miles from Cripple Creek, 17.7 miles from Green Mountain Falls, 17.9 miles from Cascade, 18.7 miles from Divide, 18.8 miles from Manitou Springs

Population: 422

Elevation: 9695 feet

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