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Artists/Art For Sale - Paula Hudson

Littleton Station... The first railroad to reach Littleton was the Denver and Rio Grande on October 28. 1871. The line was built by William Palmer to connect Denver to the "resort community" of Colorado Springs. Richard Little's farm was right along the way. Regular service began on January 1, 1872. The Castle Rock rhyolite stone depot was built in 1875, replacing the original wooden structure. It had a gabled roof typical of the "Victorian railroad style" of the time. In 1998, the depot was moved to its current location just southeast of Prince Street and Alamo Ave and it serves as the light rail depot for the new southwest rail corridor, a fitting chapter in the history of a stucture that has served Littleton for more than a century. (Littleton Historical Museum, City of Littleton, 1999-2008)

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