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Meals on Wheels of Loveland and Berthoud, Inc.
533 North Douglas Avenue
Loveland, CO
Phone: 970-667-0311
Fax: 970-667-0316
" KEYWORD Meals on Wheels of Loveland and Berthoud, Inc."

A community meal program serving the homebound and older adults in Loveland & Berthoud. It is a program that is community and government supported to provide a hot, nutritous meal every Monday through Friday (reguardless of holidays). It is delivered to homebound clients by local volunteers. Besides providing the daily meal, it also offers a brief daily contact between client and volunteer to ensure the client is doing well. If there is an emergency, the volunteer contacts the office immediately. Meals are delivered around noon each weekday (if not there by 1pm...please call). Each meal provides at least 1/3 of the adult daily recommended diet and includes meat, starch (potato, rice, noodles etc.), vegetable, salad, bread, milk, and dessert. Two meals can be ordered on Friday to help clients during the weekend. Meals on Wheels are delivered on the basis of need with no restrictions as to income or age. Anyone is eligible who is physically or mentally handicapped by age, illness, injury, or accident, be it temporary or permanent. This also includes those who are recovering from hospitalization and mothers with newborns. The suggested donation for Meals on Wheels is based on monthly income with a sliding scale. Adjustments can be made if needed. New clients must contact the office the day before they wish to begin receiving meals. Clients who are already registered with the program need to call us to cancil or start meals before 9am of the same day.