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Lutheran Family Services
3800 Automation Way #200
Fort Collins, CO
Phone: 970-266-1788
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1) Foster Care We are an outstanding foster care agency with progressive training and up-to-date knowledge in working with children who are often traumatized and exhibit significant emotional and behavioral difficulties due to abuse or neglect. As a foster parent you are rewarded by watching the changes that develop in these children through your guidance and contributions. Contact Kara Connell for more information.

2) Parenting Classes Adults are never "taught" how to be parents except through family relationships. These are not always the best learning tools. For that reason, we offer Parenting Classes to all community members so they can have a chance to raise healthy, happy and balanced children. In addition, life becomes positive for everyone when appropriate guidelines are implemented. Contact LFS for information on Parenting Classes.

3) Adoption and Pregnancy Counseling When life-altering events occur, it is more effective to make decisions when a non-biased support system is available. We offer support and counseling to those who need to make these major decisions. In addition to counseling, we offer classes to teens with actual mechanical babies to imitate real life parenting. Our adoption program includes Open and Closed opportunities.