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St. John the Baptist Catholic Church of Johnstown
809 Charlotte Street
Johnstown, CO
Phone: 970-587-2879
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Reverend William L. Smith


  • Saturday Evening - 4:00 pm In English
  • Sunday Morning - 8:00 am In English

    What is St. John the Baptist Catholic Church all about?

    Why be a Catholic? Because the Catholic Church is the only church that Jesus Christ, Himself, started. It is the only church that celebrates the Sacrifice of the Mass with the actual body and blood of Christ, as He commanded us to do at the Last Supper. St. John the Baptist Catholic Church exists to get your soul into heaven. It is there to help you build a close, personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is there to show us all the way to better relationships with our families and with the community around us.

    The Bible is only the beginning of the way to heaven. The rest of the way comes from the revealed truth in the Doctrines of the Catholic Church, which have been handed down through generations of uninterrupted Apostolic Succession. The Apostles learned much, much more from Jesus Himself, than what we find written in the Bible. The Catholic Church is the key that opens the Bible to our understanding. The Catholic Church is there to help you know God completely through immersing yourself into the Church He began. The Catholic Church is us, its members, the Mystical Body of Christ, who come together of our own free will to do the Will of God in this world, thus perfecting ourselves enough to be able to join Him in heaven.

    So that is who we are, ordinary people, who are willing to be strong enough to follow all God’s commandments, by crossing over ethnic lines to welcome all people to follow in Christ’s footsteps, to follow His examples. We hope that by our example and by our love of neighbor that you will.